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OMG!!! is spring here or not? getting anxious to get in my garden and flower beds... spring is my favorite time of the year, it reminds me of new beginnings. flowers and trees start to turn green, farmers in the field, a new cycle of life begins.  my recipe this week changes every time i make it (which drives my daughter-in-law CRAZY), depending on what i have in the refrigerator.  i despise going to the grocery store for one or two items because you never buy just what you need... and spend more $$$. i'm all for semi-homemade! my husband does not like lumps of potatoes in soup or potato salad or anything else chunky. everything has to be thin and crispy. this week is my "ever changing" potato soup...

Potato Soup

1 pkg mash potatoes
(found in cooler section)
5 slices bacon
sour cream
shredded cheese

in a pot on the stove, start browning your bacon which has been chopped into small pieces.  add some diced celery and onions (as much as you desire) and let them continue to brown until the bacon becomes crispy. add 2-3 cups milk. stir to get all bacon off the bottom. add mashed potatoes and stir until mixture becomes a smooth consistency. add 1 cup sour cream.  at this point if you like a thinner soup just add more milk a bit at a time until you reach your desired thickness.  as your continue to stir your soup, taste it and you may want to add some salt or dill weed or sage or chives... whatever your taste buds like. place some shredded cheese in your soup bowls and add your soup over top.
i love presentation when i serve a guest...either with the food or on the table. add a bit of shredded cheese with some chives on top of the soup. voila! garlic flavor bagel chips and any flavor wine goes well with this soup. enjoy!

until next week Bon Appetit!

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