. closet love * simple luxury .

...have to admit that color has been seducing my every thought lately,
reminded that while color is intoxicating...
always adore a world of neutral luxury, never tiring of
a sophisticated timeless palette...


. color inspiration * mint .

... a serious case of spring fever has been caught and 
on top of feathering the nest, can only think of delicious shades
of color.  hope you are dreaming in spring as well.


. valentine inspiration * for the Mr .

... st. valentine's day is but a mere week away,
and if you would like to make your mr.'s heart skip a beat...
it is but a simple bit of lace and some bubbly,
that is sure to do the trick!
wink wink

  (image 1+2 Mimi Holliday at faire frou frou . 3 jacques levine . 4 pink marc de champagne truffles . 5 champagne glasses are vintage . 6 moet . 7 bow tie)


. monday monday * haute cookie .

and it's monday again...
so many many things to do this week.
hope yours is lovely!


. shoe lust * laraine .

... quite lovely and perfect for spring,
a modern marie antoniette and cinderella
slipper all wrapped into one!


. thinking of blooms .

... the tinsel and wrapping and trimming have barely been
hidden away and am already thinking of blooms and the lightest of hues.
not quite sure what it is about the beginning of each year...
it just seems that only growth and change is present.
hope you are having a lovely start to your new year!


. happy new year .

sincerely hope you kicked up your heels this
holiday season and are having the most
fabulous new year...
there has been a certain beautiful shade of blue box,
and delightful layered dish, and the most inspiring
colors as the vision of 2013.
much to share...but for today,
 Happy New Year!!
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