. the couture poet * McQueen {resort 2013} .

Alexander McQueen * Resort 2013 Collection
. . .

comanding the attention of the room is quite simple...
for an adventurer guiding a foreign metal ship from the heavens,
arriving into where the past meets what is to come.
and oh what a sight it will be.
come one and come all!

by: The Couture Poet


. greet monday with sparkles .

...monday again, and it's back to projects, and plans,
and last minute errands...


. lace obsession continues .

after musing here and here,
it seems that lace obsession continues with
the loveliest of lovely dress.
happy friday!


. just pretty * espradrilles for chairs .

reminds me of simple and beautiful espradrilles.
tied up with a bow pretty...


. shoe lust * valentino lace d'Orsay .

last weeks musings on valentino resort collection floats
over to this week with the most exquisite d'Orsay pumps...
how lovely.


. the couture poet * valentino {resort 2013}

Valentino * Resort Collection 2013
. . .

and then she emerges from the shadows,
to all that she was... and all that she is.
awaiting no longer, for the moment when all that she will be is near,
so close that the seconds race upon her as silent as the night.
she lingers in the darkness with drawn breath,
anticipating her bloom into magnificent light. 

by: The Couture Poet



. lacey things * golden cuff .

adore the look of lace... but it has to be the softest,
most fine lace to be close to bare skin.
on ones wrist and dipped in 18k rose gold
sounds just about wonderful to me, yes?


. monday monday * chair blues .

usually not drawn to blues unless a certain turquoise hue
found near sand and surf... but the cobalt and white of these gilded
beauties has drawn me into a world or blue.
hope your monday is off to a smashing start...


. barbie * a classic .

 ...tucked away in the top of my mother's closet,
the original barbie (detachable heads, wigs, and all her glory)
and even as a very small child, sensed how special she really was...

the perfect bathing suit

available HERE
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