. window shopping & favorites .

entirely lovely window shopping... wink wink.
in a year that has been filled with so many wonderful things, 
never the less, we all have our favorites...

just in case you missed them...
march . april . may . june . july . august . september . october . november . december .
january . february 


. let them eat cake * smittenesque .

dear friends,
quite hard to believe that a year ago today was the first post here at smittenesque... 
and in the world of blogland there will be ball gowns and heels, balloons and streamers, 
cake and champagne, dancing and more dancing to celebrate!  
i do hope you have been inspired at some point 
and quite possibly become entirely smitten...


. fashion lust * DVF .

seemingly everywhere lately...
the lovely diane von furstenberg.
such an easiness and classic with a twist design.
love love love

visit DVF

ps... in love with the most beautiful patent black and gold flats for spring...kiss kiss

(image one-four via AD . five via DVF)


. friday & frothy .

as friday is here...
sit back and enjoy a warm cup, 
while plotting lovely weekend plans

ps... a very exciting day next week, can you guess?


. fashion lust * racy ladies .

satin and silk, stipes and florals,
hats and heels, pins and pearls...
don't you just love being a girl?
i think yes...

(images of Princess Margaret-esque editorial May 2011 issue of Tatler


. spring boudoir .

sometimes the mix of so many prints 
can be so captivating...


. weekend * spring fever & lilac .

beginning to realize the slightest ailment of spring fever...
simply adoring all the pastel shades in fashion and home.
and nothing is quite as fresh and intoxicating as
the scent of lilac, which is at its best in its true form.
a childhood scent memory due to a grandmother's yard
(almost as wonderful as the scent of her basement... in itself
requires much much more detail, explanation at a later date)
have a lovely weekend!

. fashion fairytale * red valentino .

once upon a time
a heroine by her own design, 
so fair and fine...
lived in a land of ladylike polish and shine.

Red Valentino Fall 2012 RTW


. fashion lust * wings for a goddess .

as messenger to the gods, Hermes wore sandals
with wings upon his feet...
just as these pretties are fit for the goddess within!
flutter flutter...flutter flutter...


. just pretty * tulip tulip .

and spring is so so near...
just around the corner are birds chirping,
crisp mornings and warm sunshine, and of
course a vibrant favorite...
tulips and more tulips!


. la valentine * & shopping at tiffany .

a day just to celebrate LOVE...
hope yours is enchanting!

(image one tiffany ad campaign . two tiffany & co handbag and gold bangle)


. hello monday .

monday has rolled around once again...
and after a wonderful wonderful weekend
with family, and champagne, and a celebration...
once again time to work on some very exciting
projects and ideas...

ps... don't you wish this paint really existed? i would buy gallon upon gallon...a girl can dream {sigh}


. a lovely weekend .

as the weekend is practically here it is time
to think of celebrations and accomplishments amongst family.
do hope you have a lovely weekend as well...

(image via coco+kelley)


. hello... & it's wednesday .

after a long weekend of travel, it's back to work
on a day that feels as if it should be monday, only
to find myself in the middle of the week.
hope yours is off to a fabulous start...



. fashion lust * shield by YSL .

sometimes, just sometimes we come across
something so entirely unique and beautiful that
it speaks directly to our soul. i do believe that these
"shield" loafer pumps are fabulous enough for a modern day
marie antoinette...

 (by Yves Saint Laurent . available at nordstrom)


. house love * herringbone floors .


always a love for real hardwood floors...
it's a renovator's dream of pulling back old carpet to reveal
what has not been seen for decades and ones heart nearly
skips a beat the moment those beautiful boards are visible.
so as no surprise i am entirely smitten when they are
in the regal herringbone pattern.
now... how to convince my beloved that
the beauty is worth the time invested?

(image 1 j.crew bridal salon in nyc . 2 jennifer anistons home nyc via once lost goods . 3 via superior interiors )
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