. just pretty * paint pony .

quite possibly the most exquisite animal
in the world, beyond beautiful...



. color inspiration * yellow....again .

and once again... dwelling over the most perfect
shade of yellow for fall. either as large as a sofa or as small as a bag,
it is a happy jolt of color.
love love love...

(image one via fime, two via pinterest)


. in the office .

a day back in the office.... with organizing, and sorting, 
and calls to make, and emails to return... just a moment to envision 
the perfect workspace that is a balanced mix of beautiful and functional...
hope you have a lovely day...

(image one via bhg . two courtney hill interiors via decorpad . three via fime . four via whowhatwear.com)


. be back soon .

seems like forever since i've been here... so many many things to share
with you.... found treasures, a wedding and on and on...
a little breather for me and i will be back
'till then...


. diy * golden animals .

quite possibly the most lovely diy party favor ever!
love love... making these, only horses for my lil one's next birthday!!

(images and instructions via the sweetest occasion via


. hello & a wonderful weekend .

the most wonderful weekend getaway with a dear friend, some very delicious food, 
and an exciting shopping hunt for a new season and outlook....
hope yours was as lovely as mine was...
happy monday!
(image via fime)


. just pretty * what to wear .

fall is just moments away.... and if you are anywhere
near, with our temps in the 40s, it will seem as if it's arrival 
is here to stay, as tulips turn to mums. 
a new season... and what to wear... what to wear?


. knock knock * come in & miles redd .


always deeply obsessed with doors....
it's as if there is an anticipation of what is waiting beneath when
you are standing in front of an amazing door...
simply the preview to a fabulous show.
i myself have a beautiful front door, but if i didn't think my beau would
kill me... i would slather the most beautiful soft turquoise onto it.
adore a colorful door...
and in our next house one of my favorite doors of all time
will be my inspiration, except i want double doors... beyond lovely!
so without further ado... i give you miles redd's masterpiece on
his very own home.

kiss kiss!

(the home of miles redd, featured in domino magazine 
as well as countless blogs and editorials)
(images via pinterest and domino files)


. just pretty * long gloves .

classic and beautiful,
in striking black and white.
and the most glamorous gloves...



. boys of fall * RL video .


hello... and the most beautiful fall-ish morning.

(found on sunday in bed)


. green & gorgeous * stones .

organic and whimsical, these floor cushions... "stones" are
handcrafted of 100% merino wool in South Africa,
quite lovely and shall we say... gorgeously green?


. just pretty * miss dior .

nothing is quite as lovely as a new bottle
of perfume, unless maybe...
a whiff of an old memory you had almost
entirely forgotten...


. fashion lust * burberry .

as the first day of september dawns...
crisp slight chill and white pumpkins and the crunch of fallen 
leaves are drawing near. always in love with jackets... this silk knit
stunner from burberry is just beyond perfect. love love!
it just sings fall...
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