. summer? .

so very long since i was here...
there has been a celebration of life with the most beautiful
chariot, a few short moments at home together, and then sorting 
the details for an upcoming Mr. & Mrs. party.
will be catching up soon,
hoping your summer is off to a scorching start.



. happy friday .

after a long week... indulge in a little fantasy this weekend,
i'm thinking candles and crystals in a pure white room that is
centuries old. with nothing to eat buy macaroons and nothing
to do but try on beautiful shoes.surrounded by the most wonderful books 
in the world. a weekend to make even
queen marie squeal with delight...
happy friday

(image unknown)


. peddles & tulle .

... peddling through magnificent streets on an ebony bicycle, with
waves of tulle trailing behind...


. just pretty * roof top pretty .

... entirely and completely positive that even the most lovely
places and spaces can be made even better with flowers...
even roof tops...yes?


. house love * euro trash... again .

having been entirely smitten with the home of
done nothing but enhance this beauty.
how lovely it is...



. hello & monday .

hello friends... so long since i have been here!
there has been gilding, and white paint, and organizing, and sorting...
plus a birthday celebration and a new horsehair sofa.
so so many things to share, but for now enjoying peonies
blooming in the front yard and a few cups of coffee.

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