. anticipation for the new year .

always always always, adore the new year...
it's as if one can wipe the slate clean and start
again with a crisp new piece of chalk...
what are you writing into the masterpiece that is your
life this year?
hmmmmm.... for me.... so so many things

(image one via forever is not enough blogspot and two via weheartit


. a week of christmas .

and the week of christmas is upon us...
with tinsel, and plush velvet ribbons, and boxes,
and bows, and moments of surprise, and decedent desserts,
and hopefully just hopefully a couple perfect snowflakes...

(image one via this is glamorous, two three four via pinterest)



. let it snow .

forever since i was here...
so so many things that have been
exciting and wonderful, and among them,
the very first real snow of the season...
so majestic and white, meant to be enjoyed
in front of a crackling fire and drinking rich 
frothy hot chocolate.

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