. weekend wish .

hope you have a lovely weekend wherever
you are...

(video via dress, design & decor) 


. house love * creative space .

how quickly friday came... a day filled with work and
meetings and a million other things.
as a creative type... i am always compelled by other people's
work spaces.  while mine is usually in a state of utter chaos!
(image 1 Andrew Grinton via Style at Home, 2 Charm Home Design,
3 Betsy office via Lonny - Patrick Cline Photography, 4 Angele Perlange via Lonny - Patrick Cline Photography,
5 Mary McDonald via Domino, 6 Trever Tondo Photography via House Beautiful)


. kate spade * bedding .

ahhhhhh kate spade...LOVE HER!
she has joined the many designers who have designed lines at
affordable prices for chain stores, which i myself think is genius!
but without further ado...
{in stores now - online soon (under $200)!!!}
don't these rooms just look like spring? 

(images via apartment therapy)


. bon voyage * mount rushmore .

packing my lovely things in this...

soaking up the scenery here...

while being chauffeured in this...

carrying my gold here...

while wearing this...

and these...

while enjoying this marvel...

just daydreaming a mid-week vacation. doesn't
riding in luxury to a humble and beautiful
piece of history sound divine?
i think so...

(images: 1 globe-trotter centenary case JCREW, 2+3 2011 maybach sedan via cardot.com, 4 bodhi tote via amazon.com,
5+6 net-a-porter.com, 7 mount rushmore unknown photographer)


. furniture * haute house .

i have a deep obsession with chairs...
and the more detail the better. this "elizabeth" tufted
wing chair by Haute House has it all. kiss kiss!!!

ps... read about the designer

(all images courtesy of Horchow)


. happy monday .

hope you had a wonderful holiday with family
and friends! in the midst... a busy week begins,
make it a beautiful one...


. easter * martha style .

i plan to make these lovelies from Martha Stewart

add these to an easter basket...

watch my little one love the thrill of the hunt...

savor the delicious scent of spring's flowers...
(i'm swooning over this vase)

and enjoy some of mama gayle's delicious food...

hope you have a lovely holiday weekend...
(all images and projects courtesy of Martha Stewart)

. yum yum * corn salad .

well...just maybe spring is getting here.  looking out my back door at my herbs getting green and i can hardly wait to use them.  a favorite is basil...just can't get enough of it.  we are going to make corn salad today, and it would be better if i had some fresh basil and dill weed.  my neighbor,and i made a few items and took them to another neighbors house with our husbands to enjoy together.  ever just had an array of finger food and drinks on a friday night to end a looooong week?  we had a wonderful time. this recipe is from my neighbor who is like the sister i don't have.  we have a delightful time together.

Corn Salad

ranch dressing (made up from dry packet)
1 c mayonnaise

in a bowl mix:   
1 can drained corn
1 cucumber (peeled and diced)                               
3-4 tomatoes diced
1/2 to 3/4 c red onion

pour on as much of the dressing that you like over your corn mixture in bowl, stir and let set to mingle flavors. add fresh dill weed or basil as you like. this can be a salad or an appetizer, use scoop chip and you have a wonderful dip.

hope you enjoy this light and flavorful recipe!

until next week... Bon Appetit


. house love * authentic .

i am over the moon for the living room

dining area is casual and fabulous...
(adore the patina-ish wall)

kitchen is quite lovely

a tranquil place to end the day...

as i have told you i am crazy about color right now...but i have always had a love affair with white and this manhattan (looks like it should be in europe) apartment belonging to thea beasley is beyond fabulous.  featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles it is quite striking and is completely authentic...


. furniture * bedroom sofa .

wouldn't this be entirely lovely at the end of a bed?
i think so...

(image via the french bedroom company)


. house love * yellow .

have i mentioned that i am obsessed with color right now? and i am smitten with
these sun drenched yellow silk drapes... come to think of it, my master bedroom
at my country home has been yellow for years... hmmmm maybe i've always
been a bit obsessed with yellow.

(image via Traditional Home ~ Drapery (silk #8815-14): Kravet, 888/457-2838, kravet.com)


. spring rain .

happy monday! a delightful spring rain and birds chirping
opens a beautiful week to come...

(image 1 via slurpinglife.typepad.com 2 pink hunter wellies
3 clear trench via topshop 4 lillypultizer umbrella)


. a long week .

hello my lovelies...i hope you have had a more
fruitful week than myself.  my computer and i,
have both been under the weather.  while my pc
has been fighting a trojan horse, i have spent time 
with the horse's cousin. the above zebra painting
hangs above our bed and is quite enchanting.
hope you have delightful weekend plans....


. bon voyage * i'd rather be .

packing my things in this...

looking fabulous in that...

waking up to the view here...

sipping this...

while lounging here...

and wasting away the afternoon there...

(image credits)

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