. house love * happy chic .

i am obsessed with color right now...
usually i am a neutral palette (with a small punch of color) kind
of girl, but lately i want everything to be bold and bright!
so what better than Jonathan Adler's book Happy Chic > Colors, to cure the cravings.
it is absolutely color eye candy! i love it...

turquoise, black, and white... perfection

hello lime settee...

chartreuse walls...yummy!!

let the obsession continue...

(book image via amazon, interior images via elle decor)


. fashion lust * LV .

it's classic, it's quality, it's luxe... it's louis vuitton.
i am over the moon for this monogrammed president
hard case...it is so crisp and structured. 
wrap it up (with a big bow) please...


. spring fever .

as large snowflakes fly across my window...
all i can think about is... when will the flowers bloom,
the sunshine stream down, the curtains flow from open windows,
the daylight linger longer, and the sweet air of spring EVER get here?
i do believe i have a serious case of spring fever...

(image 1. unknown 2. the flower alphabet 3. styleathome.com)


. house love * sarah richardson .

if you don't already know this...i LOVE sarah richardson!
she is by far my favorite designer. and if you haven't already seen,
she remodeled a farm house in her show sarah's house (season 3),
the kitchen was probably my favorite room,
it was beyond fabulous... 

creamy buttery yellow, grey, and white... how lovely!!!
you can view sarah reruns on hgtv.com, i have season 1,2,and 3
on our dvr...in locked position so nothing gets recorded over them!
did i mention i'm a bit obsessed?

ps.... there is going to be a sarah's house 4!

(all images via hgtv.ca)


. bon voyage .

a girl needs to just get away once in a while...
but sometimes for one reason or another it's impossible.
so maybe, just maybe... we can lose ourselves into a movie,
a book, or simply our own blissful thoughts.

i'm thinking this... 
packing my things in a new set of these... (monogrammed, of course)

looking chic in this...

sipping a hot cup of that...

shopping here...

getting lost in there...

 and a quick stop here...

to buy one of these...

stay a night (or two) here...

and drift into sleepy slumber in this...

now that is a wonderful weekend getaway!
where will you go?


image 1. marilyn monroe by ceasar vasallo 2. vintage hermes canvas luggage via luxist.com 3. malene birger blazer via netaporter.com 4. perfect cup of coffee by kakashi morph 5. chanel store front chanel.com 6. ralph lauren.com 7. hermes store front 8. source unknown 9. chateau Breteuil 10. bedroom via the paris apartment blog  


. goodbye to a legend * elizabeth taylor .

the world has lost one of the last
remaining old hollywood movie stars... an amazing actress,
an unbridled beauty, and a giving heart.
farewell Elizabeth...


. shop * coming soon .

Hello Spring! Satchel
Bombshell Inc. $74.99

ps....if you would like to preorder our hello spring handbag drop us a line at smittenesque@yahoo.com


. yum yum * brownies .

i love to entertain and have family and friends over. i also really enjoy having a dinner party with a theme...have you tried that? so much fun can be had!! and the spur of the moment get togethers are the absolute BEST!! for instance, this past weekend it started out as a nice dinner for our friend's birthday, a party of six. we ended up with twelve guests...it was so much fun to just expand the table, put some more food on the grill, pick up some more garlic bread, and have plenty of wine on hand.  a wonderful example of how life is so short and we need to ENJOY it while we can! the recipe for this week is from my late sister...she would make it when she was having family over. i hope that when you try it, that you will think of wonderful memories from your past as well.


2 c flour
2 c sugar
1 c cold water or coffee
4 T cocoa
1/2 c wesson oil
1 stick butter
1/2 c sour milk (add vinegar to milk)
1 t soda
2 eggs
1 t cinnamon

mix flour and sugar together. bring water, cocoa, oil, and butter to a boil. add flour/sugar mixture and the remaining ingredients and mix well. place in inch cookie sheet or a 9x13 pan. bake at 400 for 18-20 minutes.


1 stick butter
4 T cocoa
6 T milk
2 lbs powdered sugar
1 c nuts
1/2 t salt

beat all ingredients until smooth and frost.

enjoy with a glass of wine.  i love these with a glass of After Dark made by Mac's Creek here in Nebraska.  thanks Jo for your recipe...i'll have a glass for you.

untill next week...Bon Appetit!!


. house love * euro trash .

my heart be still...
the exterior of this beaux arts home is absolutely gorgeous!  
(i have had the story about it torn out since 2006)
i showed them to my soon-to-be hubby contractor for exterior
inspiration for our next house he is going to build...he laughed and said "sure."
what do you think that means...? a girl has to dream, right!

this lovely home is the william howard thompson house and is now
owned by the fabulous annie brahler, founder of
the fabulous import company euro trash. read the story and
check out more pics at country living
 hope you adore it too...
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