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i long for friday nights. it's the end of the week at work... time to de-stress, and enjoy time with neighbors, friends, and family.  we have a wonderful neighbor we look forward to getting together with on most friday nights.  we make sure we plan something that is very simple and good.  last night we made home made pizza, wedge of salad, and stress relief...gin and tonic!  my neighbor sherry and i cook together on these nights, and this pizza is so easy that she can make it!


3/4 c warm water
1 T sugar
1 pkg yeast
(combine these ingredients and let yeast foam)

Mix together in bowl (i use my kitchen aid mixer with dough hook)
2 c flour
1 T olive oil
pinch of salt
yeast mixture

mix together until it forms a ball.  take the ball out of bowl and with olive oil on your hands form a nice round ball. place in bowl, cover with cloth, and let rise approximately 20 min.

now the fun begins:
press dough in your pizza pan with olive oil on your hands (i prefer a pizza pan with holes in the bottom... as my husband has to have a thin and crisp crust)
put pizza sauce on crust and add anything else that you desire...
(we had hamburger, fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions, american and mozzarella cheese)
some of my favorite suggestions:  sauerkraut, sausage/hamburger, fresh tomato slices, and fresh herbs

Bake your masterpiece for 8-12 minutes at 375 or until cheese is melting and bubbly.

Salad Wedge
cut a head of lettuce into fourths. place wedge on plate and let them add whatever they want... how easy is that? that's what i'm talking about EASY and GOOD!

it is fun to make pizza with your grandkids because they can add what they like. a couple of mine (skylar and colby) want pizza almost every time they come and spend the weekend with us... or maybe my special macaroni & cheese (that recipe for another time)!

oh yes and i almost forgot the gin and tonic... nice spring, summer, and oh heck... anytime drink.  i add a little extra something to mine thanks to my granddaughter torri's suggestion of a tablespoon of lime-aid concentrate.  ahhhhhh the weekend is here...

until next time Bon Appetit

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