. all hallows eve .

a day of masks and fantasy,
of gold and gilt,
and tricks and sweets...
happy halloween!


. just pretty * burberry sparkle .

one of those days when a girl
needs a bit of sparkle...

(image via fime)


. you need this... * sea salt & happiness .

 always an advocate and searching for anything that can enrich ones life.
aromatherapy is magical and pampering... having the ability to enhance 
your mood and change how you feel...
Awaken Aromassentials by Arbonne is absolutely transforming!
the Awaken essential oil blend is composed of lemon for vitality and coriander 
for happiness, with key ingredients of avocado, sweet almond oils, clover, ginseng,
birch extracts, orchid extracts, green tea oils, and sunflower oils. 
make your morning routine a bit more luxurious and blissful...

my ABSOLUTE favorite item is the Awaken sea salt scrub... it is entirely lovely! 
sea salt acts as a natural exfoliate to slough away dead skin cells,
revealing healthy, brighter, and silky skin. but the real delight is the 
intoxicating "wake you up" scent that envelopes your senses.
and finally the secret weapon... it is the most luxurious shaving tool
on the planet, this is the only "cream" i now use.
simply shave after you rinse off salt and the essential oils act
as your shaving cream. leaving the most silky soft, perfectly smooth skin.
beside all the benefits of coming from a health & wellness company like Arbonne,
any product that boasts vitality and happiness...and delivers!
is a must have... and a true luxury in my book!

to order Awaken or addition information on Arbonne products 
contact my personal consultant:

Michelle Yaeger 
p# 405.808.6611
consultant ID # 19350403
email: bbyaeger@yahoo.com


. monday monday * fall away... .

hello monday...
and seems as if forever since i have been here,
a very long and busy week last week.  looking forward to
the brisk and crisp days that lay ahead...
wishing you a smashing start too.


. beep beep .

a million and one things to do today...
but somehow dreaming of shopping and only chanel on my mind.


. just pretty * gallant in white .

forlorn and bare... yet so full of secrets and still
stands gallant without any furniture.
exactly the reason i love old houses and vintage architecture.
they have soul... and when you strip everything 
away the room remains strikingly beautiful.
happy wednesday.


. to do * nightstand .

 one of the most private spaces in your home,
the bedside table and what's on it...
shouldn't this area speak to your soul?
and reflect what is truly important to you?
i think so, it awakes you in the morning light
and lulls you at twilight. make it fabulous for you...

the perfect items for my nightstand:
1. pretty reading lamp
2. a stack of inspiring books or magazines
3. fresh flowers in a vase or bowl
4. a white scented candle
5. picture of my beau and our little one
6. tray or vintage dish to place jewelry

what's on yours??


. just pretty * pretty face .

a lace mask with white gloves...
what is not to love?

(image via b for bonnie)


. fashion lust * scervino SS 2012 .

Ermanno Scervino 
Spring/Summer 2012

aqua water laps against sandy shore
nothing less and nothing more
as simple... yet as intricate as the textured coral
with petals of a sophisticated flower,
as calming as the sea but ironically so fierce with power


. to do * closet .

as a new season sweeps in... an essential must 
of dressing is a bit of closet organization and beautification.
no matter if Chanel or 21 fills your precious space, it's
time to remove everything and try each and ever item on,
not only purging but also accessing what it is you need for
the season. then beautify with pretty velvet hangers, a fragrant
sachet, and a bowl of flowers (if you have the space).
entice your senses AND your clothes...

(images via weheartit)


. fashion lust * pleats and more pleats .

yet and still.... obsessing about pleats,
and soft pleats with cable knit is the stuff of fall love.
have a magical day...

(image one via fime, two+three via pinterest)


. you need this... * pamper your underpinnings .

your most beautiful intimate items...
the softest of silks, and delicate of lace, and touches of sparkle.
when there is no time for hand washing, care for those lovely pieces
with this delicate wash bag, perfectly two sided to separate underpinnings. 
you will love!



. rainy day .

a rainy morning filled with hazy gray skies and
the smell of damp earth...almost impossible to want to leave
luxuriously soft sheets and warmth under covers, but many
many things to do... and find the most perfect rain day outfit,

image one roberto cavalli print ad via pinterest,


. fashion lust * pleats .

seems as though indian summer is holding on this year.
making dressing quite difficult, as the mornings are cool but
fade into scorching hot afternoons.
quite adore pleated anything right now...
and pleated skirts with patterned shoes is bang on!
ta ta!


. house love * samantha pynn .

a 1886 row house with a gem of a living/dining space...
sophisticated but comfortable, classic but with a twist,
and chic but with soul...
a favorite room by designer samantha pynn...
over the moon for it!


. swing along with me .

as monday rolls around...
time to get back in the swing of things once again.
and always something quite irresistible about a lone swing.
from a tire swing, to a giant country school house playground swing (perfect
for twisting together), to an old swing at a new store,
and once again dreaming of an indoor swing in a creative office...
hope your week is off to a soaring start!

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