. yum yum * corn salad .

well...just maybe spring is getting here.  looking out my back door at my herbs getting green and i can hardly wait to use them.  a favorite is basil...just can't get enough of it.  we are going to make corn salad today, and it would be better if i had some fresh basil and dill weed.  my neighbor,and i made a few items and took them to another neighbors house with our husbands to enjoy together.  ever just had an array of finger food and drinks on a friday night to end a looooong week?  we had a wonderful time. this recipe is from my neighbor who is like the sister i don't have.  we have a delightful time together.

Corn Salad

ranch dressing (made up from dry packet)
1 c mayonnaise

in a bowl mix:   
1 can drained corn
1 cucumber (peeled and diced)                               
3-4 tomatoes diced
1/2 to 3/4 c red onion

pour on as much of the dressing that you like over your corn mixture in bowl, stir and let set to mingle flavors. add fresh dill weed or basil as you like. this can be a salad or an appetizer, use scoop chip and you have a wonderful dip.

hope you enjoy this light and flavorful recipe!

until next week... Bon Appetit

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