. a chartreuse thumb * the gardenia .

... quite possibly have been smitten with gardenias forever, 
their heady scent reminding me entirely of falling in love...
have decided to throw caution to the wind and
order a gardenia bush this spring,
wish me luck and a chartreuse thumb...


. shoe lust * louboutin "corpus 120MM" .

... it is far to frugal to say that these are beautiful,
so far beyond that... i am unsure words can touch just 
how lovely they actually are in person...sigh.


. hello & home sweet home .

so lovely to travel and get away...
but entirely just as wonderful to return home.
so many many things to share...
the most delightful restaurant & bakery (yum yum),
simply luxurious shopping, and some very exciting ideas.
but for now... settling back into home.
hope your week is off with a bang!


. viva weekend * the Mr. & me .

a weekend away with the Mr. 
can hardly wait for sleeping late (awaking just for room service),
lounging by the pool, and delightful dinners... just us two.



. rain rain... please stay .

something so entirely captivating about rain... 
and with it comes the cracking and roaring of beautiful thunder
as if to play the trumpets to its arrival.
absolutely the perfect time to fall in love.


. just pretty * bath beauty .

sometimes the simplicity of it all is what portrays
grand beauty... the mere humble bones of a room
that require nothing to decorate them.
pure and pretty!


. crackling .

something entirely wondrous about an open fire...
with cedar logs crackling and sparking, the most delightful
giant marshmallows browning to perfection (black in my case),
and the intoxicating lingering smoke from a camp fire.
the only thing that could make it more wonderful
would be to hear the waves of the ocean breaking against the shore.
happy friday... hope your week was splendid.


. just pretty * mint & pink .

mint walls, antique pink chairs...
and billowy striped yellow curtains.
kiss kiss!


. old house love * the pink castle .

... old houses... tiny cottages, grand estates, stone mansions,
humble farmhouses... no matter, LOVE them all...
stumbled upon an estate of grace - the Calhoun Estate in georgia.
impossibly striking with it's italian baroque architecture and 
1920s southern charm.  
a true southern beauty!

 For Sale

if you are in the market for a lovely estate...
available for purchase at Beacham & Company Realtors


. just pretty * anthro blooms .

always intrigued by anthropologie....
and the amelie sofa is poppy pretty!


. weekend bliss .

this weekend was a collection of to dos, lazy old fashioned breakfasts
(with deliciously thick syrup), continued work on projects, and gilded gold paint.
hope yours was lovely as well...


. just pretty * plain & simple .

just what's needed...
a luxurious bed, a light, a place for ones book,warm rug for 
tip toes... and most importantly breakfast in bed.
simply pretty.


. house love * rustic farmhouse .

something entirely serene about monochromatic homes...
it's as if ones eyes welcomes the rest and appreciates the quietness.
bring in some colorful blooms and you have the piece de resistance.


. the weekend * hanging from the chandelier ...

... the weekend was chandeliers dripping in crystals, and glistening white paint,
and sunlight gleaming on golden window sills...
as lovely (important) projects are in full swing, am
reminded once again that nothing adds sparkle to 
a space like that of a crystal chandelier...
i missed you my pretty!!!
kiss kiss 


. hello march .

... the first day of march just slipped on in, 
so quietly with tip toed heels it is here again.
and spring right on the cuff,
with warm sunlight to call long winters bluff...
happy march!

(images via we heart it)


. domino * april 17th .

can't hardly wait...
after coveting my collection of domino
it will be entirely wonderful to have ANYTHING
new from this beloved magazine.
mark your calender... April 17th!!

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