. just pretty * blushing pink pretty .

quite a lovely combination of blush and 
shocking hot pink... positively pretty!


. hello & a week of pretty .

... a week of gold leafing, and gleaming white paint, and the search for
perfect lamp shades, and yards and yards of fabric being hung ---
a moment of realization that it resembles the most luxurious rough-hewn linen.
with all of that said, still many last minute things to tweak and perfect.
unable to stay away for another second, we will be 
having a week of "just pretty" while finish off the new office 
with a giant bow...
hope your week is off to a fabulous start!


. a week away .

... smittenesque will be on holiday this week, attending
to the many many things that entail moving into a new creative studio...
see you soon!
kiss kiss

(image one+three via pinterest . two by rue magazine)


. just pretty * pump pretty .

...strikingly high, the most perfect shade of pinkish
nude, and sparkle make these pumps beyond delightful.
especially lovely with cuffed trousers...
pump pretty!


. hello & bring nature home .

hello... after a long (longer that expected weekend) here
we are again at another week. one that will be filled with many 
many to do lists, things to paint, items to tweak, and overall wrapping up... 
preparing for next week....which is going to be sooooo exciting.
brimming with anticipation!
hope your week is off to a dashing start...

(image via Bringing Nature Home {the book}
found on design sponge)


. playing hooky * in flowered heels .

always a bit busy on fridays... usually many things
to wrap up with a pretty bow before the weekend arrives.
... but today it's playing hooky and off to visit peter cottontail.


. more bouchon * bakery .


after falling head over heels with bouchon bistro...
moments before leaving to catch a flight i
dashed into the bouchon bakery for a piping hot cafe
and the most irresistible pistachio macaroons.

(images via)


. just pretty * garden flowers .

quite possibly the chic modern day twins from wonderland...
green with envy pretty!


. hello & bouchon .

 seems as if when traveling there is always that one special place 
that stands out... and our recent holiday in sin city is no exception...
the delicious Bouchon Bistro stole our heart.
after a day of long and exhausting travel we settled into a plush
cobalt blue velvet banquette, enjoyed the ambiance, and awaited
our selected french fare...
the mr. (always able to choose the best on ANY menu) decided upon
the Steak Bouchon... 
{a grilled new york strip steak with potato boulangère,celery branch & black truffle jus}
 it was absolutely magnificent, so much so in fact that he is still raving about it.
after such a lovely four course meal we returned
our last day to say farewell...and enjoy breakfast.

ps... after returning home and discovering that the French word “bouchon” describes a particular style of cafe that has existed in the province of Lyon for centuries, if possible i am even more enamored with this lovely restaurant...
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