. fashion * ageless style 2 .

a few days ago... a quick dash into the market to find everything needed
for a cool summer supper and my ageless style muse is standing 
at the gourmet coffee center grinding fresh coffee... if you will remember
i first saw her months ago and she has inspired me once again...

her outfit:
white linen pants ~ pale tank
white cardigan ~ ballet flats
dark glasses ~ gold accessories

outfit total: $475.94

linen pants { guess }
pink tank { old navy }
gold watch { michael kors }
black+white pullover { old navy }
snake ballet flats { endless }
handbag sunglasses earrings { bombshell inc.}

ta da! no excuse not to have great style at any age...

(image one via pinterest, two by smittenesque)


. fashion lust * rachel mcadams .

this photo shoot was almost a year ago for Instyle (november 2010) issue...
i love it just as much now as then... the fashion and the lighting and the
setting and the furniture...oh the furniture, i'm over the moon for it and
rachel mcadams, who is absolutely breathtaking! she is whispering to me...
MUST HAVE lavender skirt with huge pockets with black
top and orange collar for fall this year!
must have, must have, must have...

view more Rachel McAdams 
 (images via instyle)

ps... remember her in The Notebook...


. yum yum * german potato salad .

click image to view/print recipe

when summer finally got here, it came with 90 to 100 degree heat and boy... it is HOT HOT HOT! where is the summer going? it gets here late at the end of july? hope everyone is having a great one with families and friends. here is a favorite summertime side dish, my sister's german potato salad... and what a cook she was.
i will be using a lot of her recipes... so stay tuned!


. bon voyage * to the ranch .

carrying carrots and sugar cubes in this...

slipping into these...

while wearing this...

to find him...

cinching up that...

and this to lead the way.

a mid-week trip to find a lost love...
have a brilliant day!

image one ralph lauren, two corral boots, three - outfit: shearling coat, dark jeans, ring, handbag, peacock earrings from bombshell inc., four buckskin horse (click image to view source), five circle Y saddle, six headstall via amazon


. hello & clementine chair .

hello... a weekend filled with delicious food, a late night card game,
time spent lingering outdoors, and a very important birthday. how lovely it was... 
and a chair this morning that has me dreaming in rich shades of orange.
happy monday!


. just pretty * pure turquoise.

one of my favorite Ralph Lauren fragrances...pure turquoise.
and it mixes quite beautifully with the palest of pink roses.
happy weekend...

(click image to view source)

ps..... pure turquoise perfume by RL will be available through our shopping section very very soon... 
as well as some other lovely scents


. vintage holds technology * iphone case .

the best of both worlds in one little polka
dot kiss lock pouch.  love love love!!!

available HERE
(images from pikula via etsy first seen on pinterest


. twinkle lights .

life gets so busy with this and that... and sometimes we all forget
the smallest most beautiful things.
but thousands of fireflies in a field behind our home each night
reminds me to stop and enjoy humble beauty.



. house love * by The Cross .

white on white...black and white stripes...a tufted sofa...
striking art...an ornate mirror... and a crystal chandelier... 
what a lovely mix of beautiful...

 images via decorpad
design by The Cross Design & Decor


. i want one * fur poof .

 bean bag chair becomes stylish poof. love love love!
i'll take two please...

available HERE


. inspiration * the ocean .

it's as if the ocean was the inspiration for this lovely dining room...
and i can think of not much better to inspire someone than warm sand
between toes, salty cool air, and ripples of aqua and turquoise and white 
water stretching as far as the eye can linger...

(image 1 design by neil landino via house of turquoise, two)


. the hunt for quality .

recently i read an article about the wonderful designer anya hindmarch...
my interest was perked, then i visited her website and i feel head over heels.
i am constantly on the hunt for timeless quality and items with soul... in today's 
world that is something quite rare, but anya is making her mark. 
and what a fine mark it is...

 click image to watch Anya at her Bespoke store in London

Visit Anya Hindmarch

(image 1 anya hindmarch via vanity fair, 2 via anya hindmarch)


. hello & a party .

quite sorry for my absence... a long weekend family trip.  filled with shopping, 
and wonderful food, and laughing, and a party to top in off.
do hope yours was lovely too.


. just pretty * flowers.

my heart be still...

click image for source


. house love * bungalow kitchen .

i just love magazines...there is no better treat for me, 
i adore digital magazines as well, but there is something about
crisp beautiful pages in a new print magazine...
and this month's issue of House Beautiful "living large in 
small spaces " does not disappoint. the lovely kitchen above
graces the front page and the entire 1,050sq ft. bungalow is
featured inside.... it is beyond wonderful.


. you need this... * tomato blossom .

summertime is filled with so many wonderful
things from the garden... and fresh plump tomatoes
have been a long time favorite. a thick slice sprinkled with sugar 
brings back childhood summers...

i am not usually one to stray from my favorite candles 
but...... i found a unique scent this summer ~ tomato blossom ~ 
i am intrigued and falling a bit in love with it. 
with notes of rustic vine and rich woody tomato undertones 
it truly complex... trust me, you will be smitten!

Tomato Blossom available at Target 
(currently in-store only)

image one, two by smittenesque 


. bon voyage * independence weekend .

packing my prettiest things in this...

looking comfy chic wearing that...

to visit this grand house...

with a speechless moment here...

paying due respect there...

retreating and relaxing here... 

before slipping into this and those...

to watch this...

and that...

and finally an exquisite ending to a lovely trip...
Happy Independence Day!

image one, two - outfit1: maxi dress, ring, mustard heels, navy scarf, crystal earring from bombshell inc, three four five six via the district, seven - outfit 2: silver dress, red booties, starfish ear from H.Holt, eight nine ten
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