. the front door .

in our next home... there will be a colored front door.
not certain of convincing the mr. of pink, but am quite
positive it will be lovely no matter the shade...

(image 1 via greige, 2 via fime, 3-6 pinterest)


. perfect for fall * pumpkin cashmere .

after yesterdays thoughts of hued trees...
can think of nothing else but the most perfect shade of spicy 
pumpkin orange, and mixed with cashmere...hmmmmm.
a true autumn beauty!


. just around the corner * fall .

it is no secret that fall is by far the favorite of seasons...
with the crisp morning air, brilliantly hued trees, and 
the delicacies of harvest...
as well as the perfect time to fall 
head over heels in love.
to my delight it is just around the corner...


. monday & stripes .

... and once again it is monday, the weekend always disappearing
to fast. but it's on to a new week with thoughts of stripes...


. color inspiration * lavender .

... after finding the most perfect shade of lavender roses 
yesterday, i was drawn to the enticing loveliness of this soft purple...

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