. two lovely weeks .

... quite hard to believe that christmas eve is exactly two weeks 
away, with nearly all gifts to buy...
it is going to be a whirlwind of shopping, ribbons, bows,
and tags. hope you are on the tail end and can
enjoy these last lovely weeks of magic.
happy monday!


. a feast for kings * copper .

as the week of thanksgiving is here... (the loveliest of holidays)!!
time to prepare for a feast of turkey, and sweet potatoes, and mother's
famous dressing, and lemon meringue pie, and more...
or shall we just say a feast for kings.


. monday, monday * bonjour .

...hello, and after some busy busy days, in the need of a little 
fashion inspiration.  with temperatures dipping into the teens this
weekend, it is time to think of cashmere, wool, chunky knit,
and one of my true loves... fur.
let's see what beautiful things can be found this year...


. weekend weekend * chocolate & comfort .

 ...and friday rolls along again, a weekend at home
sounds entirely lovely.  most definately a fire to linger by and
savoring homemade hot chocolate... in the most wonderful 
jade-ite mugs hidden away in the cupboard.
happy weekend.


. snow on the ground * baby it's cold .

...this morning was a quiet reminder that although fall feels
that it has just begun... old man winter is right around the corner.
time to start thinking of decadent scarves, supple gloves,
and the most luxurious furs in all the land...

(image 1 via pinterest . 2 oscar de la renta runway prefall 2011)



. chilly day * comfy & cozy outfit .

sometimes on cold chilly days when fog is still whisping the ground,
it makes us want to curl up in a blanket in front of the fire.
but when work can not wait... 
we need to slip into something soft and cozy.
hope your week is off to a lovely start.

( image 1 ugg australia . 2,3,5,6 topshop . 4 piperlime)


. gone was the chill .

...and gone was the chill this weekend, feeling nothing like fall
with the temperature rising way to high.
quite longing for a cold relaxing weekend 
in front of the fire...


. it's friday * add a little sparkle .

...and it's friday again, and fall is definitely sweeping in for a spell.
why not add a little sparkle to celebrate the chill.
hopefully you have lovely weekend plans...

(image 1 via this is glamorous . image 2 {items 1-3 available at Reiss . 4 at christian loubouton}


. a chill in the air * falling in love .

awoke to the most delightful of surprises...
the mr. had a crackling fire awaiting me this morning 
to ward off the first real crisp chill.
indeed, it is the small things that make us fall
in love over and over again...


. in the country * brocante weekend .

... a country weekend full of rusty gold, tattered gilding,
and diamonds in the rough...
quite possibly the loveliest way to spend an early
fall weekend, hope yours was lovely as well...


. pretty pumpkins .

the prettiest pumpkins...

(image by perfectly imperfect blog)


. things we love .

... completely guilty of adoring the glossy pages of almost any good shelter
magazine (the mr. would gladly like to do away with my collection)... 
but lately have been noticing that although many of the featured homes are breathtaking, 
there is a certain element of intimacy missing?  a 20k credenza here and 
a 10k sofa there, and a 2k lamp here... all pieces striking and lovely,
but hard to imagine real life falling into place in such rooms.
hence, seem to be drawn to rooms that are less "perfect"...more personal, 
more interesting, and more of a story to be told.
throw out some of the decorating and let's surround
ourselves with items and things we love.
 . . .

...i imagine the woman who lives in the bedroom above has
a fancy party to go to this evening, and in such a rush her bed was
neglected. with a slight chill in the air she lit a fire for comfort and smiles
everytime she sees the drawing of herself, 
a gift from an old lover who was quite the artist...
now that is interesting!


. thinking about fall .

...with fall just around the corner, it's time
to start thinking about cozy sweaters, soft leather boots,
and luxurious scarves to get all wrapped up into the season...


. the front door .

in our next home... there will be a colored front door.
not certain of convincing the mr. of pink, but am quite
positive it will be lovely no matter the shade...

(image 1 via greige, 2 via fime, 3-6 pinterest)
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