. back to school .

you will need this...
and some of these...

every year back to school shopping was one of my favorite things... 
nothing like the excitement of freshly sharpened new pencils.
the rich scent of wood and lead, as well as the beauty of an eraser with no mistakes.
ohh the possibilities...


. house love * katie lee .

a chic and elegant space, with a touch of history...
katie lee's ny city home has been featured in countless magazines
including my favorite... the legendary domino. 
you can clearly see why. yes?

(images via decorpad)


. it's friday .

it's friday! and a week it has been...
also nearing the end of warm summer nights and dips into lazy turquoise 
waters... if you are so very lucky to be near the sea

(image via fime)


. you need this * perfect fall handbag .

 Mrs. K handbag from bombshell inc.
colors:   mustard . orange . rust
price: $69.99
i am always on the search for the perfect bag.
the most beautiful colors.... the perfect sizes.... the correct pocket combinations...
and of course...the right price to fit my customers budgets.
and this fall, i will be carrying Mrs. K from bombshell inc.
it is very reminiscent of a very classic iconic bag, 
but in no way trying to be the original.
a soft...supple pebble texture and available in the most saturated 
colors (mustard, dark orange, rust) 
adore it.... 

pre-order from smittenesque@yahoo.com


. just pretty * orange & blue .

 always in love with dark orange. 
and mixed with blues, it sings a rich note.
adore this grand front door and knob.


. fashion lust * fall......ing for .

fall is just right around the corner. with crisp air, chilly nights,
and a profound energy to easily fall in love.
and with this renewal comes a whole new wardrobe,
as i am completely over the moon for dresses with cardigans
for the season, and the most lovely structured bag...
as well as gold gold and more gold!

(images via elle.com, handbag by celine


. house love * zig zag .

a zig zag painted gold ceiling would definitely inspire
each morning as the sun glimmers in...
a neutral bedroom but alive and energetic with texture.
love love love...
(images via apartment therapy


. house love * bee cottage .

 owner frances schultz
perfect color for shutters...
 the galley kitchen...
 lovely dining spot...
 quaint butler pantry...
 deep turquoise to draw you in...
 fun stripes in the bath...
calm and serene study...
 to work just a bit...

there is just something magical about cottages... 
and bee's cottage, owned by frances schultz,
featured in house beautiful does not disappoint.
the makeover is quite wonderful...
(all images via house beautiful) 


. old house love .

i will take this... and the sheep right along with it, too.
can it be any more lovely?


. house love * beautiful bath .

one of the best before & after real life renos... 
quite lovely and timeless. adore a chandelier in the bath. kiss kiss!
(images via design sponge


. served on a silver... (or gold) platter * juicy couture .

silver and gold. silver and gold.
oh the stories that once told,
bring me luck and love to unfold
as the air turns crisp and cold.

(image one via fime, two via juicycouture, three+four via piperlime)


. just pretty * pretty bird .

pretty bird... pretty bird... 
you have such a beautiful home.


. house love * curb appeal .




homes in europe have such history, such soul... i would say.
but these three beauties are actually stateside! 
these exteriors reside in atlanta, georgia.
how lovely, yes?

(image one . french-inspired home by architect Yong Pak, 3850 Tuxedo Rd. NW, Atlanta - two . English-inspired Residence, 65 Valley Rd. NW, Atlanta - three . Italian-inspired home by Historical Concepts, 981 Davis Dr. NW, Atlanta)


. house jewelry * shannon garson .

every home needs those items that make it sparkle,
while showing a bit of the owners personality....
and this spotted china is beckoning to my love of spots!
australian ceramicist shannon garson has a cult following for her 
unique ladylike pieces. let's just say, you AND your house will be smitten...

(images via shannon garson and design sponge)


. just pretty * summer dress .

a day filled with too many things to do and not knowing 
where to begin. while thinking only that my summer dresses will
soon be packed away and what is going to replace them this fall?


. rustic & regal .

what goes better together than crude burlap and elegant stripes?
not much, love... a juxtaposition made in heaven


. soaking up summer .

with few weekends of summer remaining and enjoying the alfresco
meals, and crisp line dried sheets, and perfect moments of lingering
days, and porch swings, for far to soon it will be gone and meld
into the days of fall

ps.... as fall is my favorite time of year i am secretly awaiting that first moment of 
crisp sharp cool air that takes your breath away...but until then, soaking up the rest
of beautiful summer

(images via fime)
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