. color inspiration * camel .

the power of color that can evoke such feeling...
i adore the combination of camel and black, and if you mix
in a pretty hue of white or ivory it remains crisp and not dark.
 the long crystal chandelier and carved mantel take this room
well over the top of beautiful. love, love, love...

(images via house to home)


. picture rail .

whether it be fine art, finger paintings, or family photos,
pictures and art are a glimpse into our souls, a look at
what we really love... how better to showcase than a picture rail? 
in it's glory days, used to protect plaster from
adding hole after hole to walls that had a tendency to crack.
quite a lovely feature, yes?
happy day...

image one, two,three


. my next DIY .

calming and relaxing with a little sparkle...
this bedroom i spied over at decor8 is simply lovely.
i adore the frayed traditional Moroccan wedding quilt with shiny sequins, 
making my own version may have to be my next DIY project. 
hmmmm.... have a wonderful monday.


. gold and crystal .

velvet hangers and luxurious white boxes hold silk and cashmere,
a quiet spot for love letters and ribbons, with a reserved seat for
hours and hours of stories and feasts, and finally a place to slip
into unbearably soft sheets... no matter the place, gold gilting 
and crystal are always welcome.
(image 1 via singtomemuse.com, 2 vi.sualize.us via P , 3 donna griffith photography via  decorpad, 4 french bedroom co)


. fashion lust * dior .


and what is not to love?
beyond beautiful, vintage inspired, and a color palette from heaven...
i'm completely and utterly smitten.

view the entire spring 2011 couture collection here
(images via reuters and style.com)


. house love * sarah again .

 again and again i just love rooms by sarah richardson!
they are always so timeless and livable. i was enthralled with
the farmhouse she renovated in Sarah's House 3, which i have
already showed the lovely kitchen and dining room. also another
beautiful space... the graphite and yellow bath.
kiss kiss!

(over the moon for these curtains)
 (a little bit of jewelry for the tub) 

(wonderful use of vintage storage and those sconces..oh those sconces!!!)


. the first day of summer .

popsicles, ponies, and a pool filled my childhood
summers.  a huge stock tank for the five of us to play and stay cool.
those days where quite wonderful...

(image credits and how-to here)


. still wishing it was sunday .

  still slightly on weekend time, wishing for a few more moments 
to relax and enjoy the wonderful-ness of summer...
hope you are off to a better start than me.

(image via bohemian ink via Pinterest)


. makeover 123 .

Step 1: start with the bare bones of the room
(these are VERY good and neutral bones)
you could add any color to this room
Step 2: here they add green and some warmth 
with a rug and flowers, as well as light with two lamps
Step 3: next add the punch with chartreuse pillows
and curtains, then the wow with
shocking pink artwork
1...2...3 DONE

(images via bhg)


. just pretty .

some days a girl just needs lights that twinkle and blink...
and some days to swing from the chandelier, i also do think...

(image one, two+three via Pinterest)


. hello & i feel wicked .


 hello... and it seems like forever since i've been here.
a wickedly lovely weekend at the theater with best friends... 
if you haven't seen WICKED yet, it is beyond wonderful.

(click to watch trailer)


. fluffy friday .

fluffy dresses, with sparkle and tulle
laces, and cinching, and tying, with fans to stay cool
one after one, more beautiful than the last
my oh my how the time flies fast
but finally toes in first to a pile of silk and chiffon
and behold my heart strings are gone...
i found the one

(image by absoluelyladylike via Pinterest)


. house love * european flair in the midwest .

this home has been featured in many magazines over the last few years.
and i am drawn to it...being a midwestern my self with a heavy love 
for all things french...

(images via bhg)


. you need this... * aloe fresh .

hmmmm.... beautiful skin makes any girl absolutely glow.
with summer approaching us swiftly, i would like to gush
 on vaseline aloe fresh gel... it is the most wonderful body moisturizer.
it is a gel and light as a feather, plus never feels sticky.
it cools and rejuvenates skin while smelling fresh and i swear
i can smell the faint scent of sea salt... which may be wishful dreaming...
it is summer in a bottle.
love love love!
available here or at your local drugstore
visit Vaseline


. fashion lust * moschino .

(over the moon for off the shoulders)

 (vintage western fringe detail is adorable)

(love the yellow with the black+white patterns)

ruffles & boots...
and cowgirl suits...
with ribbons and not so mute!

view the entire Moschino spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection here

 (images via style.com)


. bon voyage * mini weekend .

toting a magazine, sunglasses, and truffles in this...

looking casual chic in this...

lounging in the sun and soaking up the beauty there...
Happy Weekend!

(click image to view source)

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