. hello & a few notes .

so so long since i have been here.
quite busy with my most favorite holiday and 
family upon family. an entirely lovely long, long weekend. 
next week it's back to work, with so many wonderful 
things to share, some fabulous gift ideas, as well as a 
recipe or two.....
'till then


. fashion lust * sparkle .

 only thinking of sparkles today,
as nothing else seems to be the right choice...

(image via greige)


. which princess are you? .

having become entirely smitten with Once Upon A Time on abc...
a delight to see disney princess inspired fashion.
which princess are you?

(image via pinterest through disney this disney that)


. diy * gold goddess .

gold leaf has such a lovely sheen...
and this diy gold leaf "ring" is one of the most simple, yet luxe projects.
perfect for the holiday goddess. love love love!
How to:
 you will need:
one sheet of imitation gold leaf,spirit gum,
foam brush, and tape

 start by cutting gold leaf in half inch strips
tape off area you wish to "golden"

brush on spirit gum to desired area
 press the gold side into the area
repeat until desired coverage is achieved

gold leaf should stay 8-10 hrs
remove with spirit gum remover or rubbing alcohol

ta da!
how lovely, yes?

(all images and entire project from Honestly WTF...
thank you for a fabulous to do!)


. house love * fireside .

as the days grow shorter and the darkness
comes ohhhh so quick... quite possible the most
lovely thing to curb the chill, is a blazing fire.
and of course... a comfy chair fireside with a sumptuous throw.

(images via design to inspire and fime)


. monday monday * ready. set. twirl .

a whirlwind since i have been here...
so many things to share, an interesting post
about english tea, some fabulous how-tos,
and many many things that are just bang on fabulous!
have a strikingly wonderful monday... ta ta.


. just pretty * brighten the day .

on a day with so many, many things to do...
and lists to make... and on and on and on...
maybe a simple bundle of flowers to brighten 
the day and just for a moment lose track of time.


. house love * stairway.

recently the conversation of stairs has been the debate...
living in an old home with a pretty oak
stairway most of my childhood, and our country house
with a unique double stairway,i see the stairs as
an opportunity to have a grand moment in ones home...
curved or straight?
open or closed?
wood or iron?
runner or not?


. house love * a bath to live in .

glamorous fire place, cozy wing back chair,
soft lighting, artwork to linger over, and plenty of
ambiance... plus a stately tub in the middle.
a bath to loose yourself in...



. the frost .

as the first frost sparkles across the grass,
in a moment i think of nothing but fur, crackling fires,
warm cozy blankets,delicious simmering soup, and
the softest of cashmere.
hello fall... i missed you, my love!

(image via fime)


. color inspiration * a pop of color .

all one really needs is a pop of color
to make neutrals really sing...

(image one + three via vogue spain found on verdigris vie . two via pinterest .  four via domino files)


. just pretty * hello heels .

hello november...
let's kick up our heels!

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