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1933 Plymouth Sedan
Vintage Jaguar
1951 Austin Healey
1953 Pontiac
1937 Dodge Woodie
Vintage Rolls Royce

i love vintage. vintage furniture, vintage dishes, vintage houses...
but there is something about classic vintage cars. let's just say i'm rather smitten with them as well... on a sunday drive with my beloved, we passed a gleaming semi truck with the most beautiful hood ornament... that's why i love vintage - it has soul!  they just don't make'em like they used to.  so i brought you some of the most beautiful car jewelry (vintage hood ornaments) i could find...
they can only be described as dead sexy. vroom vroom!!

(image 1-via streetrodderweb.com, 2 by mrchilli's, 3 by hymanltd.com via second chance garage,
4 via musclecarjungle.com, 5+6 author unknown)

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