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you know, i am going to reach another milestone in my life next month....but my question to you is this, why is it so hard on us when our children have their birthdays?  they seem to be getting older, but i'm not getting older....hmmmm how is that possible?  i refuse to get old, my children and grandchildren are keeping me young.  my two children both have birthdays this month... a hard month to get through for me.  so i am dedicating this week to my daughter and son who love this very simple recipe.  we have to make it on ALL holidays!  and guess what my grandkids are asking for now? 

Fried Noodles


1 lg package wide noodles (cooked)
olive oil
3 eggs

place olive oil in skillet and warm so when you add the noodles to the skillet they will sizzle. get the noodles hot through out and add a beaten egg in three different spots in the skillet over the noodles. stir the eggs and noodles together. stir and keep adding olive oil as needed until the noodles become brown and as crispy as you like. when done add salt and pepper. serve as a side dish, either plain or with gravy.  i hope you enjoy them as much as our family.

until next time... Bon Appetit!!!

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