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so yesterday... i was regrettably in a big box store,
and in the midst of sweatshirt clad and rumpled individuals,
i see someone who catches my attention...
she is definitely chic, but classic and simple

her outfit:
~ dark rinse jeans boot cut ~ low heel black boots
~ white button down shirt ~ silk scarf tied at the neck
~black short trench coat ~tinted glasses
~hair and makeup done!

she sounds pretty fabulous,yes?  she was!
well guess what... she was well over 70 years old!!!
that's right... and she looked better than all
the 20-30ish somethings slumping their carts around in
trendy tattered jeans,sweatshirts,and clunky shoes...
so it got me thinking about great style that is timeless
and obtainable at every age...

pictured above is Honor Blackman...
she is 80+ in this shot and one of the most
stylish women in the world. you may not recognise
her but she was one of the original BOND girls and an avenger...

so your thinking...sure it's easy to have great style
if your a rich movie star, right? so that is why i pinched
some pennies and put together a classic outfit that anyone 16-90+
could wear and look stylish...
(using my muse i saw the other day for inspiration)
ps.... sure wish i would have snapped a pic of her

outfit total: $225.28

trench & shirt { old navy }
dark wash jeans { gap }
sunglasses { bombshell inc. }
scarf { forever 21 }
sandals { payless }

ta da! no excuses to not have great style...

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