. things we love .

... completely guilty of adoring the glossy pages of almost any good shelter
magazine (the mr. would gladly like to do away with my collection)... 
but lately have been noticing that although many of the featured homes are breathtaking, 
there is a certain element of intimacy missing?  a 20k credenza here and 
a 10k sofa there, and a 2k lamp here... all pieces striking and lovely,
but hard to imagine real life falling into place in such rooms.
hence, seem to be drawn to rooms that are less "perfect"...more personal, 
more interesting, and more of a story to be told.
throw out some of the decorating and let's surround
ourselves with items and things we love.
 . . .

...i imagine the woman who lives in the bedroom above has
a fancy party to go to this evening, and in such a rush her bed was
neglected. with a slight chill in the air she lit a fire for comfort and smiles
everytime she sees the drawing of herself, 
a gift from an old lover who was quite the artist...
now that is interesting!

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