. dream house * kitchen .

to begin this post, a bit of photo candy and inspiration....
i am over the moon for the wood built-ins...
(and fireplace that you can barely see in this shot). kiss kiss.

okay and secondly i am extremely blessed with my currant kitchen... it is fantastic! my beau designed and built it, he has expensive and impeccable taste.  large expanses of work space, top of the line cabinets, granite that would make a girl week in the knees, and sleek modern appliances... ahhhh lovely right? why would i ever leave?
yes well... we are wanting to build in the country,
soooo.....over pillow talk last night we where thinking
about what we would do in our NEW kitchen.
now that i've been spoiled - the list is long! tee hee

i'm thinking this...

hmmm that's a good start!
now if i can just convenience him that white cabinets are the way to go...

(image 1 erin roth photography via decorpad, banquet seating via young house love)

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